Recalling Prior Design Goals + Feature Sets

  • Keyboard|Joypad|Remote|Kinect|Touch|Mouse|Voice Navigation
  • Directionally Bounded Memorizable Menus (can be navigated with the monitor off, once learned)
  • MultiResolution Backgrounds with Portrait and Landscape Fill Bounds
  • Content Resides on an Open Canvas
  • Use of Seajax Canvas to
    1) Move Background as Tabs are Navigated
    2) Zoom to Specific Image Regions when viewing comments on those portions
  • Deep Zoom Collections with CSS3|WebGL?
  • Stack Exchange style gamification
  • Quora + Stack Exchange style auto-saving via AJAX.
  • Circular Overlay Menus (As seen in Secret of Evermore, Tomb Raider, etc.)
  • Figure Out Ingenial’s old menu
  • Subtitles For all Audio Content
  • Enable Pose Tagging in Photos
  • Enable Trillian Style Multi-IM Sign In + Unified Contact List + Message History
  • Email, IM, VOIP, Video Chat, Telephony, SMS, MMS Archival
  • Photosynth Style Geo-Registration + Browsing of Photos, Video, + Audio
  • Chronological Wiki for Public Events
  • Chronological + Geospatial Personal Wiki
  • Discussion:
    One on One,
    Chosen Few,
    Public to a Chosen Group,
    Public to a Chosen Era,
    Public to All Alumni,
    Public to Web
  • Media Sharing
  • Cultivate Deeper Discussions
  • Share Web Resources
  • Enable Interest|Hobby Sharing
  • TinEye + R/WW Indexing
  • Facial Recognition Indexing
  • Provide Image + Video Restoration
  • Facilitate Promotion of Personal Businesses
  • To Be Continued…

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