Photosynth Fansite Possible Features

  • Facebook Embeds
  • Twitter Embeds? (Less likely possible, due to this being something that Twitter needs to implement.)
  • Mobile Forum Layout | Responsive Design
  • Embed synths + panos in forum discussions
  • Synth + Pano Sorting à la Microsoft Live Labs Pivot
  • Follow a User à la Tumblr | Twitter | Pinterest
  • One on One Messaging to facilitate asking photo permissions for a collaborative synth, etc.
  • Email notifications of replies + comments, favorites, shares, follows, + new uploads from your subscriptions.
  • View a particular user’s geotagged content
  • Filter search results à la Microsoft Live Labs Pivot
  • Video Tutorials + Tips
  • Showcase + Curated Collections
  • Simplify Downloading data
  • Set D3D as default viewer
  • Video Podcast
  • Search + Sort across all forums
  • Add forum topics relationships
  • Make apps for Windows Phone + Windows

Technical hurdles to overcome:

  • Using Microsoft Account login is easy but does not offer authentication to third party apps/sites
  • I need Seadragon viewer tech that works on more platforms and is ideally as performant as the D3D viewer.

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